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Banquet FAQs

How many locations does Llywelyn’s Pub have?  Where are they located?

  • Webster Groves: 17 West Moody 63119
  • Central West End: 4747 McPherson Avenue 63108
  • Soulard: 1732 S. 9th Street 63104
  • St. Charles Main Street: 100 Main Street 63301
  • WingHaven: 7434 Village Center Drive 63366
  • Wildwood: 2490 Taylor Road 63040
  • St. Peters: 3300 Mid Rivers Mall Dr 63376

What are the minimum requirements for each location?

  • Check out info sheet or website
  • Each location & room has their own minimum requirements to book for private parties.

Can we bring in our own food for a private event?

  • Llywelyn’s Pub allows commercially prepared desserts.
  • Outside caterers are NOT allowed for food other than desserts

Does it cost to rent a private room?

  • Each location/space has its own requirements to book an event. See website for minimum requirements.

Is the security deposit refundable? 

  • Yes, the security deposit is refundable.  If you pay with a check for your deposit, it will be returned to you at the conclusion of your event.  If you give a credit card number for the deposit, it is not charged and it is destroyed the following week after your event.
  • Circumstances why your deposit would be kept:

*    All food orders are due 10 business days (2 weeks) prior to the scheduled event. Failure to turn food in on time will result in forfeiting your $150 security deposit.  We ask for an estimated number of guests at the same time for scheduling purposes.


*   If confetti or glitter is put out at your event it will result in forfeiting your $150 security deposit.


*    Minimum requirements must be met the day of the event.  If not met the room may be open to the public sooner than scheduled or the $150 security deposit will be kept. The room will not be kept private if the scheduled group is less than estimated*****


*    If you need to cancel you must do so 30 days prior to your scheduled event. Failure to cancel within 30 days will result in forfeiting your $150 security deposit.


How do I pay the security deposit?

  • You may use a credit card or a deposit check.  Your deposit check can be mailed to the Webster Groves location with your signed contract.  You can call with your credit card number if you go that route.
  • Deposit checks should be written out to Llywelyn’s Pub LLC
  • Please DO NOT send cash.  If you do, a Llywelyn’s Pub gift card will be bought for you and held until your event.


When is the contract & deposit due?

  • Contract & deposit are due within 5 days of requesting your date.
  • A confirmation email will be sent once signed contract & deposit has been collected


When are the menu selections & questionnaire sheet due?

  • 10 business days prior to your event or sooner


Where should I send my contract & deposit?

  •   If mailed, all paperwork contracts, deposits, etc should be mailed or dropped off at the Webster Groves location.

Llywelyn’s Pub

Attention Julie Valier

17 West Moody Avenue

Webster Groves, MO 63119


What is the gratuity charge?

  • Llywelyn’s Pub has removed all automatic service charges/gratuities to large parties and private events.  You, as the host or hostess, may tip the staff how you see fit. When figuring out your menu pricing, 20% industry standard suggested gratuity will be listed on your event sheet.   


When is payment due?

  • Payment is due at the conclusion of your event.


What types of payment does Llywelyn’s Pub accept?

  • Visa, Master Card, Discover, America Express
  • Major debit or credit cards
  • Cash
  • VIP Points
  • Llywelyn’s Pub Gift Cards


Can I pay for my event ahead of time?

  • Llywelyn’s Pub suggests purchasing a Gift Card and placing your payment on the card.  If you go this route, it is best to keep your receipts.  Let us know if you did so.


What is the cancellation policy?

  •  If you need to cancel you must do so 30 days prior to your scheduled event. Failure to cancel within 30 days will result in forfeiting your $150 security deposit. In order to cancel your event you must submit an e-mail to stating that you would like to cancel your event. If it is received before 30 days of your event you will receive your deposit back in full.


What exactly am I paying for when it is all said & done?

  • You pay for your preordered food and tax. If you host an open bar for your guests, you will also be responsible to pay for that as well.

Misc Questions

Do we have our own wait staff?

  • Yes.  Most private parties have bartenders, some only have servers.  This depends on the location.

How does the VIP program work?

  •  This is a program Llywelyn’s Pub offers to all of our guests. As a VIP member, you earn 5% of your food & beverage subtotals (before tax & gratuity is added) on the items you, yourself are purchasing. The points earned can be used to purchase food, beverages or gift cards at any of our St. Louis/St. Charles area locations at a later date.

Does Llywelyn’s Pub offer discounts?

  •   Happy Hour is from 3-6pm Monday through Friday and 10pm –midnight Sunday through Thursday
  •   Military discount for active duty – ask for details
  •   VIP members receive $25 discount off preordered food for private events.


Who will be my contact during the event?

  • The managers on duty check will come in and check on your event periodically.  Your wait staff can assist you with most of your needs.  Julie Valier, Banquet Director, attends private events when needed. 
  • Julie Valier can be reached on her cell phone during your event.


Can I decorate?  What can or cannot be used while decorating?

  •  Yes, you may decorate.  Confetti, glitter, staples, push pins, tacks, and tape are prohibited.
  •  Picture frames, flowers, candles, vases, posters, linens are all welcome.
  •  Llywelyn’s Pub is NOT required to decorate for your event.

How early can I arrive to decorate/setup for my event?

  •  Can depend on location, season, time frame, etc
  •  Most times you should be able to arrive 1 hour prior to your guests arriving


  •  If you need more time to setup, this must be discussed during the planning process of your event.

Are children allowed to attend my event?

  •  Yes, Llywelyn’s Pub is a family friendly establishment. All children must be accompanied by an adult.



***Food minimums are not necessarily enough food to feed your guests.  It is a starting point.


What is considered preordered food?

  •   Menu items from the banquet menu- appetizers, mini sandwiches, specialty trays and/or options from the traditional dinners

How much are appetizers?

  •   Banquet appetizers are priced per 50 pieces.  Check out website for prices.
  •   Prices are subject to change at any time.

How much food should I order?

  • If you are feeding your guests a snack, you want about 5-6 pieces of appetizers per person.  Take the number of appetizers and times it by the estimated number of guests.
  • If you want to feed your guests more of a meal w/ appetizers, I suggest 8-12 pieces per person.  Take the number of appetizers and times it by the estimated number of guests. 
  • Please note- family members eat more together at private parties, than just friends.

Can we order off the regular menu?

  • That will depend on the number of guests, time frame, location and what type of event you are hosting.  Private parties are required to purchase preordered food as one of the requirements.


How is the food served?

  •  Buffet tables are setup- self serve
  •  Hot food will be placed in heated chafing dishes
  •  Other menu items will be placed on platters, bowls, or trays 

Can I order more food during my event?

  • Yes, you can.  It is best to order enough food during the planning phase, but if you need more food talk to your wait staff and/or manager on duty.
  • Some locations do NOT carry a large amount of banquet appetizers, so they may not have the exact items from your original.  They will have other options for you to order.
  • It can also take longer to receive extra food when ordered during your event.  Depends on how busy the kitchen is when you add to your order.


Does Llywelyn’s Pub offer desserts?

  •  Yes.  Bread pudding, fruit cobbler or gooey butter cake. Sold by a full or half pan.
  •  Guinness fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookies are also available.


Does Llywelyn’s Pub charge if I bring in my own dessert?

  • If you want Llywelyn’s Pub to provide the plates, forks and napkins for your commercially prepared dessert, it will cost $10 for those items.  The $10 covers the plates, forks and napkins for your dessert.  This is NOT a cake cutting charge.


What does Llywelyn’s Pub use for plates, forks, napkins, etc on the buffet table?

  • All banquets use 9 inch or 6 inch black plastic plates, black plastic forks, spoons and knives and white paper dinner napkins.
  • If you want to use real china and silverware for your special event, it can be rented.  Prices vary.

Bar Options

Does Llywelyn’s Pub offer bar packages?

  •  No.


How much are drinks at Llywelyn’s Pub?

  • House wine and house wells are $4.75 a drink.  Prices are subject to change

*    House wells include Pepsi products, tea, juice and water as mixers.

*    Red Bull drinks are more per drink; $3 upcharge per cocktail-left up to host/hostess to be offered

*    Doubles are double the price- left up to the host/hostess to be offered

*    “rock” pour is $1 upcharge- left up to the host/hostess to be offered

  • Draft beers range from $4.50 and up.  Depends on size of beer (10oz, 16oz or 20oz glassware), alcohol content of the beer, time of day, etc.  Prices are subject to change.

*    Most parties offer the pint size beers ($4.50-5.75 a beer)

  • Domestic bottles range $3.50-$3.75.  Prices are subject to change.
  • A list of more expensive wine, liquor (spirits), and beer are available upon request.  Prices are subject to change.


How much should I budget for an open bar?

  • I suggest estimating 1.5 drinks per guest for the 1st hour of your open bar and then 1 for every hour after that.  Some guests will drink more than that and other guests will drink less than that, averaging out the above.
  • Wedding rehearsal dinner open bars average about $1000 for 40-60ppl.
  • It can all depend on the age group of your guests, when the event is held and how your group usually drinks together. 


Can alcohol be included in the minimum requirements for the room?

  • No.


What is the house liquor?

  • Svedka vodka, Bombay gin, Cruzan rum, Jim Beam bourbon, Grants scotch and Suaza tequila


What is the house brand wine?

  • Night Harvest- Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot & White Zinfandel


Can I purchase a keg of beer for the private party for my guests to drink from?

  • No.


What drafts does Llywelyn’s Pub carry?

  •  Each location has at least 25+ different draft beers. 
  •  Each draft list varies from location to location.


Does Llywelyn’s Pub offer drink specials?

  • Happy Hour is offered Monday through Friday 3-6pm and Sunday through Thursday 10pm –midnight


How can we setup our open bar?

  •  You can have a set dollar amount.  $25-$400- $500-$1000; etc
  •  Limit your guests to certain types of drinks- beer, wine & soft drinks
  •  You can set time frame for the open bar 6-9pm; 6-7pm, etc
  •  You can offer drinks tickets- giving each guest a certain number of drinks tickets to redeem at the bar during your event.
  •  Any of the above combined


Do we have to offer an open bar?

  •  No.


Can I bring in my own bottle of wine?

  • Yes.  Llywelyn’s Pub charges a $20 corking fee per bottle brought in.


What soft drinks does Llywelyn’s Pub offer? How much?

  •  Pepsi Products, tea, lemonade and coffee
  •  $2.25 w/ free refills
  •  Prices are subject to change.
  •  Fitz’s bottled Rootbeer is available as well.  $2.55 a bottle or Webster Groves sells Fitz’s Rootbeer on tap.  $2.95 a pint.

Trolley Service

Can I rent the trolley for a private event?  How much is it?

  • Yes.  $150 an hour, with a 3 hour minimum
  • See website for more info
  • Or email Angie Molnar-
  • Prices are subject to change.


When is the trolley NOT available?

  • During ALL home STL Cardinal & STL Blues games

Music, TVs, AV

What type of AV equipment does Llywelyn’s Pub offer?

  • All locations have TVs that are compatible with HDMI cords.  If you have a computer that can be connected using a HDMI, the locations have the cord on hand.  Please mention during the planning phase of your event.
  • Webster Groves Pub Room has a drop down projection screen & projector.  It is compatible with HDMI cords.  No charge.
  • Most locations have DVD players in the private rooms.  You may bring in a DVD with or without sound to play during your event.  Needs to be mentioned during the planning phase of your event.
  • Webster Groves and STC have a large portable speaker in house.  It is used to hook up personal iPods, iPhones or iPads for private events.  Must be requested ahead of time.  No charge.
  • Webster Groves also has a wireless microphone that can be used with the speaker.  Must be requested ahead of time.  No charge. 
  • Hosts/hostesses are responsible to bring in their own laptops for slideshows.  It is NOT the responsibility of the location to provide a computer for your slideshow.

Can we bring in our own entertainment?

  • Yes, but it can depend on the location, time slot and type of entertainment.  Ask for details.


Do you have background music?

  • Yes.  Each location has music from Pandora or XFM playing in the background.  During important sporting playoff events, the sound might be on for that particular game.  It can be changed in the private rooms.

Can I rent a photobooth for my private event?

  •  Yes, but space can be limited depending on the location.
  •  Must be mentioned during the planning process for your event.
  •  Llywelyn’s Pub is NOT responsible for setup or payment or damage of the photobooth during your rental.

Does Llywelyn’s Pub provide the games for no charge when you book a party in a game room?

  • The games (video arcade games, pool table, shuffleboard tables, etc) are not owned by Llywelyn’s Pub.  Guests must pay to play the games.  Llywelyn’s Pub does NOT open up the games for free play. 
  • Host or hostess of the event can provide money for their guests to play the games.
  • The bar or wait staff can give change to you or your guests to exchange for your larger bills.
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